Association History

  To speak about the genesis of Mysore Literary Association is in itself an interesting undertaking. MLA is inextricably linked to the great playwright, William Shakespeare. A group of English teachers led by Professor C.N Srinath, Dr. H.S Shivanna and Professor B.N Balajee decided to celebrate the quater centenary of Shakespeare in a befitting manner in 2014 at Dhvanyaloka. We had good response from institutions and individuals to our appeal for donations. As a matter of fact, the impetus for this came from a seminar on Shakespeare organized by Prof. B.N Balajee in early 2012 at St. Philomena’s college. This two-day event also saw the wonderful exhibition of his collection of Shakespearean memorabilia. This exhibition has moved to other locations in, Mysore city and several other places including Bangalore and Delhi. The two-day programme at Dhvanyaloka was very well attended. This led the organisers to have another two-day event soon after. Both were an unqualified success. 


    When our teacher, Dr.U.R Anathamurthy passed away in August, 2014, the same group got together and arranged a tribute to him on 21 December, his birth anniversary; this too turned out to be a memorable event. This was funded by a donor who chose to remain anonymous. In less than a year’s time, the group consisting of Dr.H.S Shivanna, Professors K.C Belliappa, B.N. Balajee, Latha K. Bidappa, P.N. Shri Devi, C.P. Ravichandra and Sriyuths A.K. Monnappa, IAS (Rtd) and K.C Haridas met at Hotel Highway 18, and over a series of meetings decided to form an association with the membership open to all lovers of English language and literature. The name chosen was, The Mysore Literary Association. Professors K.C Belliappa, B. Mahananda and B.N. Balajee met the Registrar of Societies and received useful inputs. Based on a few available documents, Professor B.N. Balajee drafted the bye-laws of the association. After a few visits to the Registrar’s office, Mysore Literary Association was finally registered vide Society Number: MYS-S486-2015-16 dated 05-March-2016. The original signatories of the bye-laws are Dr. H.S. Shivanna,  K.C Haridas and Professors Nalini Chandar and Anita Braggs.