The Centenary Logo Designed by Her Highness Smt. Pramoda Devi Wadiyar

A Logo is a unique symbol identifying an organization or an event. There is great mystique attached to a logo as it conveys the essence of the organization or the event. As we approach the Centenary Celebrations of the University of Mysore, it was felt that a specially designed logo was necessary to mark the historic event.

The existing logo of the Mysore University displays its motto in the form of a scroll, bearing Sanskrit script which reads “Na Hi Gyanena Sadrusham “ meaning “nothing is Equal to or comparable to Knowledge “And the “Coat of Arms “ of the Royal family of Mysore. Adoption of coat of the Royal family was perhaps because the Maharaja himself was the founder and chancellor of the University. I wanted to retain the essence of this existing logo while bringing into it, what was unique to the occasion. The centenary logo, a blend of “the existing and the imagined ‘, is the result of a challenge I set myself while conceptualizing the design. The colour scheme of Royal Blue for outline and Maroon for letters is chosen to highlight the difference between the existing logo and the centenary logo. The Maroon signifies the colour of the Blazer of the University Whereas Royal blue is the colour of the existing logo. The exercise of designing the logo for this occasion has given me immense joy and I have tried to express the milestone through the design. It is my humble tribute to the Institution and to my grand uncle in law, His Highness Sri Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, the founder of this great Institution.